project outcomes

Support people out of homelessness.

We plan to continue developing relationships with homeless people which enables us to engage with them.

We will continue to develop our database of housing projects that we currently refer people to.

Prevent people from becoming homeless.

We will continue to engage with people who are at risk of homelessness.

We will continue to support people with budgeting and debt management.

Our educational courses will give people to confidence and skills to deal with their own personal correspondence.

Provide one-to-one support planning sessions with people who lead chaotic lifestyles.

One-to-one support planning has been an excellent tool for our staff and it has enabled people with chaotic lifestyles to create a plan for the future, aiming to address particular issues that affect their lives, such as reducing drug and alcohol use, taking on meaningful activities or addressing family issues. These one to one support sessions have led to hundreds of positive outcomes for the people who use our services.

Improve the skills of homeless and disadvantaged people.

We plan to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of homeless and disadvantaged people by providing educational courses. We plan to have two computer courses per week, which will provide people with computer skills. Numerous other training courses will also take place, including First aid and food hygiene.

 Improve the health of homeless people per year.

The Wellspring has a dedicated surgery space within the project. A qualified NHS nurse works in one and a GP in the other. These services are funded by Stockport NHS, however these services would not exist if it was not for the paid workers at The Wellspring as the NHS workers cannot work in the building without a member of Wellspring staff being present. Wellspring staff also provides health advice and referrals to health services such as drug and alcohol detox. A full family planning service is available alongside a full immunisation programme, sexual health service – including screening and treatment, as well many other health related services which are offered.

the needs they have

The Wellspring engages with a very wide client group including:

Homeless people and people who are rough sleeping or inappropriately housed, drug and alcohol users, people with mental health Issues, young people, elderly people, people with learning disabilities, people who are at risk of homelessness. people with multiple issues, people who lead chaotic lifestyles, people with financial problems, people who have suffered domestic abuse, people who have been sexually exploited, people who are seeking asylum, people from other countries who have no benefit entitlement and people with physical health issues.

We support the above client groups to have better life chances by providing support in either a group or one-to-one setting. We encourage people to seek employment and training therefore improving access to training. We believe in stronger communities and encourage people to work together. We promote and actively provide health services and run several groups that make people more active.

The Wellspring project has been running since 1991 and over the last 20 years we have become very good at what we do. However we are constantly reviewing our methods and creating new ways in which to engage with the above client groups.

Why is there a need for the project?

Lots of people in Stockport require services. However not all of these people fit in to the standard services that are available. For instance, some people may find themselves homeless due to issues with debt – because of these debt issues they cannot get back into housing until the debt has been reduced or a period of repayments has been adhered to. These people receive services at The Wellspring. Other people slip though the net of mental health services more often than not because they do not pose a risk to themselves or others, however these people still suffer from a mental health issues that usually remains untreated. People sleeping rough, squatting or sofa surfing need to engage with a staff team that will take time to give them the support needed to turn around the situation they are in.

None of the statutory services in Stockport actively engage with a client group “at risk of homelessness” in order to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place. Over 100 people use the services at The Wellspring every day of the year. Our staff are under pressure to deal with each and every one of these clients and have built upon our successes and developed into a professional advice and referral service.

The Wellspring receives support from just about every school and church in the Stockport area. At harvest festival time, all these schools and churches donate gifts to The Wellspring. This food lasts The Wellspring for 12 months and is crucial to our operation.

Over 250 volunteers work at The Wellspring from all walks of life across the borough and surrounding areas.

The Wellspring receives support from local businesses in the Stockport area and we are very proud of the links we have made with the business sector. Recently this has led to several service users gaining employment with the businesses as a direct result of our links with them.

The Wellspring provides placements to students from Stockport College and from universities across the north west, social work students gain valuable experience of working with a challenging client group. Health and social care students and student nurses all gain experience of working alongside other health professionals.

The Wellspring gives talks and presentations to community groups, schools, churches and other organizations regularly.

The Wellspring works alongside the Community alcohol team and we have been involved in the writing of Stockport’s alcohol strategy.

The Wellspring works alongside numerous other organisations in Stockport and surrounding areas, including: Stockport Homes, Stockport community Drugs team, The Police, Stockport Community Alcohol Team, Stockport College, Manchester Metropolitan University. We work alongside and make referrals to over 100 other housing support organisations across the north west.

The Wellspring regularly consults with other organisations but over the last 12 months it has become other organisations that now consult with us. One thing that really stands out about The Wellspring is that we have positive engagement with our client group. Other organisations often contact us requesting information regarding issues with particular clients, with the clients consent we are then able to advocate on their behalf with the other organisations.

The Wellspring is always looking for new volunteers to work at the project. A number of different roles are available including kitchen work, fundraising, befriending and lots more. For more information about volunteering, or the Wellspring in general please contact The Wellspring.

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