Give Five Pound Do a Dry Round!

December 15th, 2022
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‘Tis the season to be jolly! 

For many of us Christmas offers a little time to indulge and enjoy ourselves at work parties and festive gatherings with friends. On these occasions, it would be fair to say that a large percentage of us may treat ourselves with a beer or glass of wine or two. 

What Goes Around…

The culture of getting a ‘round’ of drinks in for every member of our groups seems to be a particularly British thing to do. So much so that it’s even part of many pub etiquette guide for tourists when they visit us and our many pubs and bars.

There is something uniquely friendly and inclusive about this act. It presents an opportunity to celebrate together and ensure that nobody is forgotten. And of course, when done properly, it means that everybody takes their turn and responsibility to get the drinks in.

Together is Better

After the chaos and upheaval of the last three years, it may feel like these occasions mean more than they used to. The ability to come together and celebrate, that we all took for granted for so long was shaken by the effects of the pandemic every one of us. 

The same was true for our service users. During these times they were also denied the community essence of coming together for something to eat, a place to stay for a while, and the opportunity to talk to our amazing staff, volunteers, and each other.

Although, we are incredibly proud to say we didn’t miss one day of service at this time, we had to adapt and deliver in a different way. The meals we served were taken away or eaten outside the centre. This did offer a small sense of togetherness, but not the kind of celebration and community that everybody deserves at Christmas.  

Back in Full Swing 

The Wellspring centre is now refurbished, revitalised, and ready to take on the challenges that we face. Our Christmas Dinner Appeal will once again house the people we serve together around tables in one place.

We know more than most how tough times are. We see it first-hand every single day for those that are affected by it at the sharpest end. That’s why we are asking that for the price of one drink in a round at your office parties or festive gatherings you could choose to give the gift of five pounds to our Christmas Dinner Appeal instead.

If you could add us to your round, even just once on that night, you will be offering hope, making change, and lighting up somebody’s life for Christmas.

Please Donate Here !

We know that if you can, you will.

Merry Christmas