how we are ending homelessness

We don’t judge anyone. We are a charity. We are not government funded or a council department.

We provide advice and guidance on homelessness situations and circumstances and lots of other topics.

All our staff are very knowledgable of the benefits system, housing law, employment, mental health, drugs and alcohol, debt, criminal justice.

We sit down with each individual and create a plan of action to take to improve their situation, this could be either a long term or a short term goal.

We provide practical support while someone is street homeless, a hot shower, clean clothing, delicious gourmet food! Sleeping bags, rucksacks, etc.

We make sure every potential avenue of gaining housing is explored with each individual and we provide furniture and ongoing tenancy support when we have got someone back in to housing.

advice offered

The Wellspring provides referrals into housing, free food and drinks, educational courses, health services, computer courses, rough sleeping, hot showers, clean clothing, art classes, other activities such as football, walking groups and gardening courses. All Wellspring staff are qualified learning advisors and constantly signpost people into education.


general support

Project workers and volunteers are always present to offer advice and support on just about any given issue. Wellspring staff are able to sign post and make referrals to other support services. Wellspring works in partnership with a number of other organisations.  Contact us on 0161-477-6344 for assistance.


benefits advice

Project Staff at The Wellspring are always up to date with the forever changing benefits system. Project staff can be contacted on 0161-477-6344 for assistance with any benefit issue. Wellspring staff specialize in appeals and are up to date with Universal Credit and Housing Benefit.

Housing Advice

housing advice

Our staff can assist and support anyone with housing advice and up to date information regarding the processes of applying for housing. The Wellspring has supported over 1500 homeless people and rough sleepers into accommodation. Project staff can be contacted on 0161-477-6344 for assistance.

Employment Advice

employment support

The Wellspring can support you with up to date information and advice on job searching, interview techniques, confidence building and any other employment related issues. Computers are always available at the project with full internet use. Wellspring provides a bespoke CV building service.

Addiction Support

drugs and alcohol

The Wellspring makes referrals to the community Drugs and Alcohol teams, and will strive to get people some appropriate support to overcome any addiction. The Wellspring has a dedicated Drugs and Alcohol worker, Miss Kirstie Wood. Phone: 0161-477-6344.

Health Advice

health support

Health services are available at The Wellspring, a nurse is on site who can address any health problems. The Wellspring also provides a full GP service, a fully operational NHS spec surgery is in the building. Check our timetable to know what time you can come. No appointment necessary.

current strategy

We find that homelessness can often be prevented or resolved by very simple things. Simple pieces of advice and support, interventions at the right time and giving professional guidance, but most of all, positive engagement with the client group. It is that positive engagement that has created 10,985 positive outcomes. It is very much down to the skills and dedication of the project staff and volunteers to have such positive engagement with vulnerable people in Stockport. The Wellspring is without any doubt a very productive project.

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Project Address

Address: The Wellspring, Harvey Street, Stockport, SK1 1YD

Postal Address 

Address: The Wellspring PO BOX 456 Stockport SK11YD
Phone: 0161 477 6344

*Please Note: Clothing Donations - During Lockdown no clothing donations will be accepted.